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Scout Network (18-25)


Network is the next adventure after Explorers, from 18 to 25. We run our own activities and projects: for adventure, in our community, and as part of the international Scouting family.

That might mean an evening climbing at Redpoint, or a trip to Prague to meet up with local Scouts. Or a chilled Summer camp in Wales, or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. The possibilities are endless, and Network is what we make of it.

There aren't any fixed weekly meetings, we know life is busy and we choose days and times to suit us. There are no regular costs either, it's all pay-as-you-go. Some of us are regulars, some drop in occasionally around work or university.

Whether you’re completely new to Scouts or have been with us since you were 5 years old, joining Scout Network is a great way to meet new people, seek out new challenges and see the world. You can be part of Network and also volunteer at the same time, or equally you can stick to just Network if you want.


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