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The District Team

Team DC

Brian Jenkins

Lucy Barkas

Ryan Griffiths

Programme Support Team

Jason Carpenter

Josh Sanders

Meg Larner

Nicki Richardson-Jack

Phil Capewell


Derek Simmonds - Chair

Stuart Bowen - Treasurer

Andy Hopkins - Secretary

District Explorers Commissioner

Andy Hopkins

District Youth Commissioners

Callum Walters

Charles Schofield

District Network Commissioner

Steve Eddies

does what?

District Commissioner Team (Team DC)

To manage and support the Scout District to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the District develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association so that that the District provides good quality Scouting for young people and proactively supports and manages adults in the District.  

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District Youth Commissioner (DYC)

As a member of the District Leadership Team, the District Youth Commissioner works in partnership with the District Commissioner and Chairperson of the District Executive Committee to make sure youth voice is being listened to and acted on across the city.


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District Explorer Scouts Commissioner (DESC)

The District Explorer Scout Commissioner is the Manager of the Explorer Scout Section. They are responsible for its effective operation of the developing of quality Explorer Scouting in the District in accordance with the Purpose, Principles and Policies of The Scout Association.


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District Scout Network Commissioner (DSNC)

To support the 18-25 programme for our Network Scouts. They lead on recruitment, as well as providing the members with the knowledge and resources necessary to craft their own program. 

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Programme Support Team (PST)

To support the 4-14 programme and ensure volunteers have ideas, support, and the confidence to deliver a balanced programme - plus organise district events and activities


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District Support Team (DST)

The District Support Team is made up of a number of volunteers from across the district who support a number of different projects and events. They are made up of a number of Sub-teams, each with their own focus or specialty. 

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