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If you can't find the forms you're looking for below, or have any issue filling them out, then hit the button below to request some help.

Adventurous Activity Notification

Before you run any activity considered an Adventurous Activity under POR, this form should be submitted to the District Team. This allows us to check all permits are up-to-date and that all risk assessments cover all necessary circumstances. 

This form should be submitted a minimum of 7 days before the event.

Nights Away Notification

Before you take anyone away on a night away with Scouting, you need to make sure you've filled out the form below. This lets the County Team know what event you're running, as well as ensuring the correct Risk Assessments and Permit holders are all in place. 

This form should be submitted a minimum of 7 days in advance of the start of the camp. 

Incident Report Form

If, during a Scouting event, an incident takes places in which any of the following occurs, then a report must be filled out and submitted to HQ:

  • Someone suffers a personal injury or illness and needs to seek medical help or advice. This may include a GP, hospital, clinic or dentist.

  • Someone needs an emergency service such as an ambulance, mountain rescue or the police.

  • ​There is damage to third party property.

  • A near miss for any of the above scenarios.

This form should be submitted soon after the incident with as much detail as possible. You may take a day or so to gather the relevant information prior to making the report.

The form can be found in the How To Report tab of Reporting Further.

Malvern Hills Event Notification

In accordance with the Malvern Hills Trust, all events taking place on the hills above 15 members, using equipment or charging a cost need to be submitted for their approval. The submission should include details of the event, a risk-assessment and a route-map where applicable.

This form should be submitted a minimum of 5 days before the event.

Temporary Event Notice

If you're planning on hosting a fundraising event with alcohol or late night entertainment, you may be required to apply for a TEN license from the city council. This allows you to carry out a licensable activity (such as serving alcohol, providing entertainment or serving hot food and drinks past 11pm) at unlicensed premises. ​

This form should be submitted a minimum of 10 days before the event.

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